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PUBG PC Crack 14.2 + Latest Version Download 2022

PUBG PC Game Crack Download Full Free Latest Version [Updated]

Pubg pc download

PUBG PC Crack (also known as player Recognized Battleground) is currently an official Android mobile port of the largest Battle Royal game on the market that you can start playing on your Windows PC right now! PUBGM has easily eclipsed Fortnite’s reach and is offering its planet viewers a unique way to experience strategic and realistic multiplayer competition among a hundred players, PUBG PC Crack which only one is the only survivor.

PUBG PC Crack attract such huge popularity, Tencent’s developers have confidently ported the Windows PC version of the game to the Android platform, all while retaining new gameplay, subsystems, and different modes of play, including new Full access to elements such as a streamlined tactile friendship interface and new visual customization options.

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PUBG PC Crack In addition to F2P access on Android OS, Tencent has also ensured that this game app is also available on the Windows PC platform. This can be experienced inside a very fast and accurate Android emulator with lots of additional options for PC gamers. PUBG PC Crack includes keyboard and mouse controls, high-resolution and framerate rendering modes, and many other customization options.

Because this mobile version of the game has a slightly simplified view, it can be played on computers with more restrained hardware that is required for the full (premium) desktop version of the game. PUBG PC Crack you ready for the new PGI.S? PUBG PC Crack 2021 v10.2 Global Invitational.S pits teams from all over the world in a week-long tournament. Teams will battle for placements in weekly tournaments and increase the prize PUBG PC Crack throughout the tournament.

You can follow PUBG PC Crack the action in-game with our new Livestream display, as you play! Demonstrations will be set up in various locations around Erangel and Miramar, showing live PGI action at your own games. PUBG PC Crack new Pick’em challenge is also available, along with giving you the chance to earn sweet PGI.S gear to predict the winners. This will be a tournament unlike any other, so tune in to it, and win! For more information visit

Livestream screen

  • 10 digital screens have been manufactured at Erangel and Miramar to showcase LIVE esports events.
  • PGI.S’s first event will be live-streamed live directly on these displays while in the game and lobby.
  • When the stream is offline, the screen will display the PGI.S trailer.
  • You can choose to turn off the Livestream in Settings> Gameplay> Functions.


PGI.S lobby update

  • The lobby has been updated and is now themed for PGI.S for general matches as well as some Kickmaster BGMs. The PGI.S themed lobby has been updated for the general match with KickMass BGM.
  • As added and displayed in the lobby. It does the same thing now found in many battlegrounds.

Other PGI related updates

  • PGI Logo frescoes are depicted around the buildings of Erangel and Miramar.
  • The initial aircraft is now flying PGI promo banners on Erngel, Miramar, Sunhawk, Vikendi, and Karakin
  • New PGI.S loading screen splash art has been added

New Vehicle: Coupe RB


A new roadrunner in the city is the introduction of the Coupe RB, an old sportscar with a blazing top speed of 150 km / h, making it second only to the speed (on the ground) in a motorbike. The Coupe RB will not take your entire squad, but it will take you to where you need to go faster. Try the Coupe RB on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok!

  • Maximum Capacity: 2 (Driver, Passenger)
  • Maximum speed: 150 km / h
  • Seen only on Erangel, Miramar, and Sankhok

New Feature: Reputation System

PUBG For Pc Patch

We need to keep in-game interactions healthy. We know that passion can be high on battlefields, but toxic behavior is never appropriate. To help keep things more civilized when you kill each other, we are introducing a new reputation system for PUBG PC Crack 2021 v10.2. This system will give you a reputation level from 0-5 depending on how you treat your fellow players.

Your reputation level will be displayed in the team finder, which will let players know in a group search what kind of teammates you will be. Your reputation level will naturally increase until you play the game, as you are not exhibiting toxic or otherwise disruptive behavior. We hope this helps everyone have a better time at the battleground!

PUBG For Pc key

  • The reputation level will be displayed in the team finder and team member list next to the player’s names.
  • The level of reputation is a sign of perceived player behavior. Are you friendly, or are you toxic? Let’s hope east
  • Reputation levels range from 0 to 5 for a total of 6 levels.

PUBG For Pc cracl license

The reputation level is affected by the following factors:

  • Players’ reputation levels will naturally increase with the normal gameplay of normal / rank Battleroyle matches.
  • Failure to skip the match over and over again can reduce the level of prestige.
  • The player’s reputation level can be reduced if restricted due to negative behavior (handicap gameplay, verbal abuse, team murders, etc.) or violation of terms of service.
  • Being reported for suspected use of deceiving oneself does not affect reputation levels.

Rank mode update PUBG PC Crack 14.2:

PUBG For Pc hacked

If your team is never fully formed, we are updating the rank mode penalty for a certain amount of time. You can check all the details around the system and how it works below.

The lever penalty must be waived within 5 minutes after the players take off by the players, who are still ALIVE and leave within 5 minutes:

  1. selects them for matchmaking to find teammates and
  2. The plane flies with an incomplete team (a team of less than 4 players in ranked squad mode)
  3.  A member of the player’s premier team does not leave the match before leaving the plane.

If a player qualifies to waive his or her lever penalty, the match is deemed to be competitively invalid for that player. This means that:

  • There are no figures recorded on his career page
  • There is no change in his RP
  • No match penalty is issued
  • Players will be given any pass XP and BP they would normally have earned.

The gameplay PUBG PC Crack14.2:

Stunt feelings

PUBG For Pc bots

And you thought the flips were cool. Now you can do random stunts while mid-air on a dirt bike to really style on your enemies. A total of 6 new stunts are available and best of all, they are easy to perform. Just wind the LMB on a dirt bike and see how cool you are.

  • Exclusive new stunt emotions have been added for dirt bikes.
  • 6 new default stunt emotions can be used.
  • Stunt amounts are only mid-air veils on a dirt bike – and not when the player has something to hit.
  • Grab LMB to trigger a random stunt emote
  • Release LMB to stop emote
  • Please note that Horn’s functionality has been replaced with stunt emotions for dirt bikes.


  • Adjusted reload animations of M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C to better match reload speed.
  • The reload animation adjustment follows a balance tweak for 556 guns in the 9.2 November update
  • Haven gameplay mode update
  • Haven’s playable mode has been changed from Duos / 1-Mandados to Squad / 1-Man-Squad.

QoL fixes of PUBG PC Crack 14.2:

Alarm system

  • To see stacked notifications, click on the top right notification center icon.
  • When receiving an item or currency from an out-game event etc., a notification will be toggled
  • In the case of an item or currency, a message on the notification center is about to expire soon.

Store QoL Repair

  • Open the boxes on purchase
  • Players can now open correctly purchased boxes (sets, crates, random rate items) in the “Purchase Complete” pop-up screen.
  • A New ‘Store to Store’ button has been added while browsing the empty item category in the Customize tab.

Lobby chat system QoL improvements

  • There have been some cases of reports that while using some language input in our lobby chat system, the client will reduce the use of the chat system.
  • We have added a new message to use the IME to guide players to change their display settings to windowed or borderless mode.

Social PUBG PC Crack 14.2:

Invite Party Invite Feature

We know that most of the players are using Desorde as their main source of communication. We have implemented Discord’s party feature in PUBG PC Crack 2021 v10.2 to improve the social experience of our players. Team up with other players in your favorite disorder server, a much faster and more convenient way!

Read more details from Discord on integrated sports invitations and rich presence.

General question

  1. I am running Discworld in a browser and do not invite party features!
    A. The party invitation feature is only available for use in the Discord app.
  2. I have currently sent a request to my friend to join the in-game Join Ask, but I cannot attend the party!
    After your friend exits the sports lobby, try to refresh your lobby.
  3. I cannot rejoin the party I have just left!
    A. After accepting the invitation, try to refresh your lobby.
  4. A player I ban from the party is requesting the party to join through the renunciation party invitation.
    A. Adding a player to a party only prevents you from sending in-game invoices via the PUBG PC Crack 2021 v10.2 system, we recommend that you prevent any user from being disbanded.


  • Invisible physics boosted CPU performance by reducing the physics calculation cost of actors (vehicles, characters)
  • Optimized hitching and FPS drops come when loading the map (when entering and maneuvering the world)
  • The bottleneck was reduced when updating a character.

Skin and items:

  • Graffiti-themed skin: 8 set items, 29 individual items (Sale Period: 2021-1-13 Live Server Maintenance ~ 2022-1-12 Live Server Maintenance)
  • Lunar New Year – King and Royal Bodyguard: 6 set items, 13 personal items (Sale Period: 2021-2-3 Live Server Maintenance ~ 2021-3-17 Live Server Maintenance)

Bug fixes of PUBG PC Crack 14.2:

The gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where some passes could not be completed at mission haven.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be equipped with a gilly suit in TDM.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the clip to clip through vehicles on some maps while in FPP mode.
  • The fixed case where the character’s body is equipped with a gouge suit may be invisible to others.
  • Fixed the issue where the player could change perspective for TPP, seeing other players in FPP game mode.
  • Strange determined the POV when watching the Death Cam of the character equipped with the Gill suit.
  • Fixed an issue where two characters could suffer damage when hitting a second while prone on a yacht in motion.
  • Fixed an issue where the position of column protectors could be rendered in different locations.
  • When an observer selects a player in a custom match, an issue can be determined where a player may be disabled in the game.


  • Fixed UMP-45 audio when listening remotely.
  • Duplicate click sound played while pressing the preview button in the custom screen.


  • Fixed the issue where players could clip on Vikendi through a certain building in Abbey.


  • Fixed an issue that displayed incorrect RP changes in the match history section during placement matches.
  • The issue of starting the aircraft’s seat UI was sometimes displayed as empty.
  • Fixed the problem that some pages of the store page did not load when entering the store page after restarting the lobby.
  • The profile of players located in the ‘Unassigned’ Observer ‘section of the custom match session cannot be loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where the center screen pointer was not displayed in replays.
  • Player and teammates stats are not applied in the system menu during fixed gameplay.

Skins and Items PUBG PC Crack 2021 v10.2

  • The problem has been solved where the helmet (level 1) of the Mad Motorcycle was not displayed when equipped with a male character.
  • Fixed the issue where the nose of the killer masque mask could clip through the face coverings.
  • Fixed an issue where some full-face mask items may be equipped with eyeglass items.
  • Corrected the clipping problem that occurred when equipping gas mask items with full-face helmet skins at the same time.

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